Design Sprint
We run successful Design Sprints to solve critical business challenges and discover new ventures - fast!

What is a Design Sprint?

The Design Sprint is a fast-paced problem-solving process inspired by Google VenturesIt compresses the whole experience – from tackling a big business challenge, creating solutions to building a workable prototype and testing with real customers – into less than one week.

This proven process helps spark innovation and growth opportunities, encourages user-centric and convergent thinking, aligns your multi-disciplinary or product team with up to 7 members under a shared vision, and ultimately gets you to launch your product or service faster.

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Why Design Sprints?

Design Sprints facilitate much quicker discovery of which solutions are valuable and which should be dismissed, by rapidly testing promising ideas and evaluating them. For the first, you are ready for implementation. For the latter, congratulation, you just have saved yourself tons of money and time!

If you have a big challenge, triggered by strategic/organizational or user problems, you should definitely sprint to avoid wasting tons of resources! If you want to kick-start your new business or product idea, you should gather your team and sprint to stop endless meetings and internal alignments!

The Design Sprint is not just a proven process for entrepreneurs or persons seeking for solutions; in fact, it’s implemented just as effectively at established companies like Nike, IBM, Telekom, Philips and many other Fortune 500 innovation leaders as at start-ups.

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Workable Prototype

Create a representative prototype of your solutions

Customer Feedback

Experience how users react to your prototype

New Working Mode

Discover an efficient team collaboration and decision-making

Product Roadmap

Plan a feature roadmap for implementation

Design Sprint Process

It’s a 4-days and fully-packed process. The sprint week starts with defining the challenge and producing suitable solutions. The sprint team dedicates the following days with outlining the business model and the concept for the workable prototype, which will be just produced within one day. On the last day, the user test sheds light on the solution and reveals crucial answers to the initial challenge.

NoPilots facilitators and designers will guide you safely through this process.

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