Improving the “Handshake” service

Together with DriveNow, an international car sharing & mobility service provider (a subsidiary of the BMW Group), we worked on rethinking the “Handshake” feature on the mobile as well as in-car application. The overall goal of this collaboration was to increase the user engagement rate for this feature.

DriveNow Handshake tackles the problem of limited parking spaces within urban areas. Furthermore, it aims to increase the availability of cars for its users. By using it the cars can simply be handed over to the next driver at the end of the rental. This way users don’t need to look for a parking spot. At the same time, users searching for cars can comfortably await the arrival of the previous driver and don’t need to look for alternative ways of transportation.

The Design Sprint enabled us to build 7 new concepts and learn fast by testing the prototype to make the handover process from one driver to another as smooth as possible in the future. The sprint team consisted of product managers and marketing specialists from DriveNow and BMW. Watch Handshake in action

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“The Design Sprint with NoPilots was an exciting and educational experience for all of us. Even if the used methodologies were partly pretty new and unfamiliar to us, the result which we’ve achieved was quite impressive. Without the intense and focused teamwork between the different departments and the good moderation by Alexander and Markus, we would probably have needed several weeks for the same result.”

Britta Hirsch
Head of Product Management

Hacking the smart home of the future

We worked with E.ON on hosting the “E.ON Future Home Hackathon” from 3–5 April 2019 in Munich. E.ON invited multi-disciplinary teams in the fields of data science and business innovation and challenged them to translate a rich dataset of multiple sensors into the products and services for the smart home of tomorrow. Throughout the hackathon we gave keynotes, coached and supported the participants with ideation, prototyping and pitching. The pitched solutions were evaluated and rewarded by a project jury of 7 industry experts.

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“It was great working with NoPilots on this hackathon. They gave inspiring keynotes and were dedicated coaches. I was impressed to see how much was achieved in only 48 hours. The positive feedback I received from participants and colleagues speaks for itself.”

Tighe Wall
Global Head of Digital Strategy and Transformation, Head of FutureLab

Reinventing the web appearance

We helped the Association of East German Banks reinvent their web appearance. In an initial Design Sprint, we defined, concepted and prototyped their upcoming web release including the content and communication strategy. A workable digital prototype has been developed and tested by target users in politics and corporate banking. The development could be kicked off based on valuable user insights, a validated design and predefined MVP features. This saved months on our way to a user-centered, mobile-friendly user interface and a flexible, extensible, testable and easily maintainable backend. Visit the new website

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“My challenge as CEO is the transformation of my association into a state-of-the-art platform. Agenda setting and community building for member banks, politics, media, business, and science. NoPilots helped and inspired us to define the MVP and developed with our team the transformation strategy. The website relaunch as part of the content strategy is the first result in only a few weeks from an initial Design Sprint to implementation.”

Achim Oelgarth

Developing a training application

We facilitated a Design Sprint for Lufthansa Aviation Training at Q Lab, Lufthansa Group’s headquarters in Frankfurt. Together with the highly committed product team, we built and tested a prototype to advance the training process for flight attendants.

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Our Clients

Our clients approach us with a variety of topics and challenges: from generating to validating new ideas, applying new technologies, coaching, and implementing new digital products & services with the help of Design Sprints.